Posted by: secretperson | December 6, 2007

Guardian Misleads on ‘Lyrical Terrorist’

Just a quick moan on this Guardian report entitled ” ‘Lyrical terrorist’ sentenced over extremist poetry” which contains in it’s last sentence this quote from the Crown Prosection Service.

“Samina Malik was not prosecuted for writing poetry. Ms Malik was convicted of collecting information, without reasonable excuse, of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”

I don’t think they could have written a more misleading headline!

I have to admit, it’s a difficult line to choose, whether someone should be convicted for looking up dodgy material online, when many do it out of curiousity. However “she joined an extremist organisation called Jihad Way, set up explicitly to spread terrorist propaganda and support for al Qaida”, so I have less sympathy.

Anyway the jury system worked and she was only convicted of a lesser offense. Hopefully it will put her off the path to ‘martyrdom’ which, if you believe her writings she may well have been on. Her sentence is suspended, taking into account 5 months in custody. Some Muslims (MCB of course) are outraged, but I think we come out of this better than the Sudan’s recent legal worries. Let’s just hope they catch the hardcore terrorists as well as their stupid supporters.


  1. Yes, and let’s also hope that they bring our own terrorists to justice who are responsible for leading us into a war on false pretenses and causing our soldiers to suffer immeasurably andour economyto collapse- none other than the blithley stupid Tony Blair and his evil masters – Geroge Fucking Bush and Arse-Hole Cheney.

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