Posted by: secretperson | December 5, 2007

How Should English Nationalism deal with English Ethnicity and the BNP

The Socialist Unity blog has a report today entitled “Are the BNP trying to hijack English Identity?” (which I got to via the Witan homepage). It argues for support for an English Parliament from the left to stop the BNP exploiting an English identity neglected by the left.

Good point. While I am a small-state centre-right kind of guy, we should all support democracy and the right of the English nation to decide it’s own future. Those on the left may see it as a way of stopping the racist BNP, I see it as bigger than that, but the BNP cannot be ignored.

The rising support for the BNP is often explained as people having no other choice. Unrepresented by the major parties people turn to the BNP out of desperation. There is no doubt they are the highest profile non-mainstream party, due to their controversial stance on race. This publicity is much more than their electoral success demands and is often due to anti-racists making a bigger fuss than the BNP themselves as at Oxford recently (I do the same myself here I guess). Those of us who believe in a civic English nationalism will probably be addressing a lot of the same voters as the BNP, so what can we learn from them?

Yes, learning from the BNP, controversial I guess. What I really mean is what can we learn from their support, and the reasons people turn to them. Even mainstream politicians have said we must address the issues that BNP supporters may be concerned about. Things such as immigration have started to be discussed in the press without accusations of racism, a step forward. First off we should not avoid any issues for fear of looking racist, we must present a non-racist answer to any problems.

Discussion is the way forward. Rather than ‘no platform’ policies, exposing the BNP’s policies and comparison to more inclusive alternatives can only favour civic English nationalism. For example, with support for an English parliament running high, the fact that the BNP back an English parliament may seem a plus point. But dig beneath the surface and their policy is very different to that of the CEP.

The BNP back an English parliament, but only for the ‘ethnic English’. They propose a British parliament for all and seperate English, Scottish and Welsh parliaments for the respective ‘folk groups’. As Toque points out in comments below the Socialist Unity post, a BNP member has said Englishness could be determined by DNA tests!

Now I am not sure DNA tests exist which can prove English roots. There was a program on Channel 4, called 100% English, a while ago which attempted, using DNA tests to see how English people were. Perhaps a little aside here.

100% English was rubbish. Absolute rubbish. It attempted to portray people who described themselves as English as petty minded racists (rather like our BNP friend). On it were Norman Tebbit, famous for his ‘cricket test’ of an immigrants identity, Garry Bushell, the English Democrats candidate for London Mayor and Carol Thatcher, daughter of Margeret amongst others. However these luminaries hardly got a word or much screen time, could be because they are too busy. I suspect C4 just preferred to concentrate on the people who thought you had to trace your family back 12 generations to be English, or to before the conquest. Then having set these people up as representative of the English, it knocked them down with DNA tests.

Almost everyone came out with huge proportions of foreign DNA. It didn’t do English, only Northern European. Everyone had a surprisingly low amount of N. European DNA. Garry Bushell takes it apart on his site here (about half way down or use the search function in your browser). Turns out the test had an error of 28%! If people can trace their family back they know their heritage. Carol Thatcher would have known well if one of her four grandparents was from the middle east, yet that is the claim they made.

If inconclusive DNA tests can be abused by C4 to promote their ‘nation of immigrants’ PC propaganda, I am sure they can be misused by the BNP etc. I am not sure I want such tests deciding who gets to vote in this country! As Bushell says “Only Nazis, and it appears C4, think of national identity in terms of racial purity”.

But in rejecting the BNP’s ridiculous plan, we must not swing over to the C4 way of thinking. English identity is not determined by genetics, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The English ethnic group has as much right to self-identify as any other ethnic group. I am more of an individualist, but identity politics exist and we cannot exclude certain identities, or the only people recognising that identity will be extremists.

Some English people feel a rightful sense of exclusion from the multi-cultural agenda of New Labour, the BBC and others which often seeks to undermine Englishness and to a lesser degree Britishness out of a misplaced fear over offending ethnic minorities. Calls of celebrating diversity can be seen as calls for removing homogenous societies and smack of social engineering. If immigrants enrich our country, what do natives do, hold it back? I am sure immigrants see themselves as individuals who can do more than add colour to the PC crowds dull ‘hideously white’ lives. A strong national identity can act as a nucleus around which integration can happen.

English nationalism is a sensible place within which Englishness can be expressed politically. St George’s day, Jerusalem and Anglo-Saxon history all play a part in English identity. These things should be celebrated as much as diversity. But a confused notion of racial purity is not part of this. When we get an English parliament, we must not forget that it is English, and here because there exists a shared English identity with a long history. But all citizens of England (or should that be subjects) should and will have equal rights under the laws of an English state.

Any thoughts?



  1. The reason people are turning to the british national party is because of there policies no other party has these look at there policies on crime corporal punuishent for yobs just one example another example you may keep a firearm to protect your self from say if someone was robbing your property tony martin protected him self and went to jail this is why people are turning to the bnp its there sensible policies.Also they arnt afraid to speak up they spoke up about young white girls being sexually groomed by muslims gangs they sexually groom them in what the muslim men call there slag houses and the police wont act for fear of being labelled racist.white children not allowed on school trips school trips only for black,mixed race children the far right are rising all over europe its only a matter of time before one of these partys gets a majority and fors a goverment and you in power will only have your selfs to blame.YOU’VE BEEN WARNED

  2. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED? I take it you mean mainstream politicians not me personally. There is no doubt in my mind that unquestioned multiculturalism and political correctness have been counter productive. There is also no doubt in my mind that the BNPs policies are racist and would be just as bad. Both approaches emphasise group identity as all important, be it in white superiority or black victim status. I am fundamentally an individualist. English Nationalism could provide a basis for building a reasonable response to sometimes legitimate concerns, without going to the other extreme of out and out racism.

  3. The main political parties, especially Nu Labour, speak of a new world order, where race and Nationalism is to be a thing of the past, and in its place will come a society of equality, and ethnic diversity where we will all live together, in perfect harmony with each other.

    As Karl Marx’s Utopia is but a communist dream, and multiculturalism, and political correctness, are a sure fire way to commit cultural suicide, the BNP are eventually, bound to come in from the ashes of this leftist experiment as the “big” winners.

    There’s only so much that people will stand for, and, that dawn is nearing with the passing of each and every day.

    Islam and all it entails, is a dream come true for far-right groups throughout the length and breadth of this land, infact it may well be the issue that pushes the BNP into mainstream politics for the first time in British history, and who will New Labour blame then poor things. If mainstream politicians continue to push their own ideas of social engineering onto a cynical and tiring public it is they who will reap what they have sown.

  4. I don’t know if the BNP will come out as the big winners, but there is no doubt there support can only grow as a backlash to multiculturalism. For the limited support they have, the BNP sure scare mainstream politicians, hopefully scare them enough to address the serious issues here.

    I am no BNP supporter, and would not want them to run the country, but if it came down to a choice between them and Islamic Clerical fascism?

  5. I watched the programme on 100% English and found it quite disturbing. It seems anyway they can but native people down in any country they will, it try to fit people in a multicultural agenda. The English seem brainwashed for too long and have been culturally and religiously undermined. Ethnicity is about shared heritage, culture and traditions which the English share as much as any ethnic group in Britain. You will never get true multuralism without the English. People should never be ashamed of their heritage whatever that is. The English are the glue that keeps this country together and without them there will be chaos and no sense of the past. As for the BNP – ignoring them will simply cause them to go underground like the IRA and worse things will happen. As for DNA it actually shows the English have been here for thousands of years and the impact of so called mass ‘waves’ of immigrants over the past 2000 years was a cultural and linguist thing not a genetic thing. I think the 100% English programme makers should have a good look around the world and see no-one is pure. The English are just as much natives as the Welsh, Irish and Scottish and are from hunter gatherers and neolithics and from the past 2000 years only 5% comes from invaders. Indeed they even suggest a proto English language was here for a long time before the Romans. The differences though are cultural and linguistic and for that reason it is clear the English are different to the rest of the British Isles with more Germanic cultural traditions. But all this context is taken away by multiculturalists who just see England as a mongrel race – which by the way is racist in itself – the English have a long a strong heritage and shouldn’t be allowed to doubt themselves. Where is all the cultural and religious help for ethnic English children?

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