Posted by: secretperson | December 5, 2007

Blasphemy Laws Should be Repealed

I just saw this story on the BBC Ten O’Clock News, and here is the website version. A judge has ruled, in relation to Jerry Springer The Opera, that blasphemy laws don’t apply to broadcasts. Christian Voice, who brought the prosecution, are not happy and say the ruling undermines the concept of blasphemy laws. Good.

The idea that an insult to God should be illegal is outdated and ridiculous, if there is a God, which I don’t believe, I am sure He can stick up for himself. The idea that religions should be free from anyone criticising them or causing them offense is ridiculous. The religious hatred bill is wrong. Religious ideas, like political ideas, like any ideas should be free to be criticised, ridiculed and insulted. Free speech demands it. Repeal blasphemy laws now.

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