Posted by: secretperson | November 30, 2007

Stop EU Treaty Now!

In less than two weeks, Gordon Brown will sign the EU Reform Treaty, aka The Treaty of Lisbon. In response to this, Parliament’s very own European Scrutiny Committee has released a report (press summary only linked) calling for the treaty text to be debated in parliament before it is signed.

Now this doesn’t mean it will avoid scrutiny, there is still time in the ratification phase for MPs to shoot down the treaty, and refuse to ratify it without a referendum. However this rushing through of the treaty, is part of a plan, recognised by the ESC, to avoid proper parliamentary scrutiny and public debate.

All three parties backed a referendum in their last manifestos on the Constitution, and this document is “substantially equivalent”. I urge any readers to write to their MPs. Remind them of their manifesto commitments, and draw their attention to the reports of the European Scrutiny committee and press comments from the likes of Valery Giscard-d’Etaing, Angela Merkel and Gisela Stuart.

Please all people who are concerned pass on this message. Gordon Brown is weak and under fire. Now is the time to pressure him to do the right thing and preserve our Sovereignty.


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