Posted by: secretperson | November 27, 2007

Help List Brown Disasters

Frazer Nelson at the Spectator is collecting in his comments a list of Gordon Brown’s disasters since coming to power. Thought any readers might want to contribute!



  1. just to say you are welcome at the Socialist unity blog, the views atatcking you are not the views of the management.


  2. Thanks Andy. I think describing myself as a ‘right-wing English nationalist’ was to try and get attacks out of the way before engaging in debate. After all ‘pro-small government and English parliament supporter’ doesn’t have quite the same ring. I do understand the primary aim of your blog is for socialists to discuss, but those of you who believe in democracy might like to see how others view you occassionally. I welcome all alternative views. Keep up the good work. The English question needs answers from all political directions.

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