Posted by: secretperson | November 26, 2007

English Hero Hatton has to beat Gayweather

According to this boxing blog, by someone claiming to be Gareth A. Davies, but who looks more like professional twat Bono, Floyd ‘Pretty Boy’ Mayweather has said in prison he’d make Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton his bitch.

I have posted a sarcastic reply. Is this the first openly gay boxer? Not really just some typically cocky wannabe gangster American. Now I am sure he can fight, in fact he is undefeated (as is Hatton), and is hot favourite to win. But why be such an arse about it. And in my opinion Prison rape is wrong. Hatton was typically down to earth: “What Floyd doesn’t know is that I don’t get insulted. But he was very offensive. He told me he wanted to buttf*** me.”

He seems a great guy, Hatton, that is, not Gayfeather (who is appearing on their version of Strictly Come Dancing!). Just a normal guy, typical Mancunian, never moved more than 12 miles from where he was born. Still plays for his local pub darts team and shelled out some of his millions on the dubious glamour of a Man City box. No trouble as a kid, seems quiet in interviews today. But he is quietly confident. Let’s hope his fists do the talking, and understated English confidence beats brash American arrogance!



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  2. The oh so intelligent new labour scum (they actually remind me of mayweather) have decided that truth is out! You can’t say that is in.

    You are right about Hatton. He is the sort of bloke who needs to run for English prime minister! Michael Owen is in the same mold. Both are decent, down to earth Englishmen. Mayweather i everything that theyre not. As for mayweathers idiotic bitch comment, it aint even worth talking about. If you ask me mayweather is wetting his nickers about hatton. I think he is worried about Hatton because he’s not sure he can beat him. Why else would he be so intent on giving it the big ‘un in front of hatton? Its telling me that mayweather wants hatton to notice him and somehow revere him. Mayweather is insecure. I bet mayweather would psychologically fall apart in front of hatton if hatton told him that. I wish he would ‘cos I would love to see mayweather fly off the handle. Most people who act like mayweather and mentally really small. I dont see mayweather as any different. I hope that Hatton knocks his friggin’ block off. Imagine how insecure mayweather would be if that happened? Losing to an English honky ha! ha! Or, the man if you like. He would never live it down.

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