Posted by: secretperson | November 26, 2007

Breaking News – BNP at Oxford

OK not breaking I got it off the bbc, but I wanted an exciting headline to boost my blog views. Student protestors broke through police lines in an attempt to break up/disrupt the debate. Organisers were forced to split it into two different rooms as a result.

No idea what was said, that news obviously not so exciting, but I guess at least I have something to say to those I have debated this with. When violence and attempted intimidation of a private debating society, who’s members democratically voted for this debate to go ahead, happens, this definitely becomes a free speech issue.

However it seems student protestors were proved right, when the inhabitants of the Union debate emerged, clad in brown shirts, to vandalise Jewish businesses. The sheer power of Griffin’s hate speech caused him to grow a moustache and spontaneously speak German. The supposed brightest brains of the country were completely sucked in by Irving’s distortions and all predictions of violence and danger to students came true… oh no, that’s just me being silly.
Apart from the violence, but that came not from ‘neo-nazis’ but the Stalinist students against the debate. Maybe it wasn’t a prediction about the BNP but a threat to the Oxford Union. Apparently there were five hundred protestors sat outside and 30 made it inside. Less than the majority who voted for the debate to continue. All in the name of democracy of course. Right.



  1. I do like the BBC’s Have Your Say voting mechanism as it allows people to show that they agree with me and you about this.

    Freedom of speech is something left-wing arguers (not debaters) don’t really understand. When there’s an offensive regime abroad freedom of speech is always something they complain about the lack of (but only if it’s ‘cool’ to criticise that country). But when it comes to that same right in their own country they talk about how the BNP doesn’t have a ‘right’ to attend these things… Never mind that they were invited. Gah!

  2. Exactly. Free speech is something I feel strongly about. What good is free speech if everywhere you go you are harassed and anyone who dares to provide you a venue is demonised. For a party that has a quarter of a percent of councillors the left-wing media and student lobbies getting on their high horses don’t half give the BNP a lot of publicity.

    I wish I’d phrased the argument as a free speech issue for the Oxford Union, rather than for Griffin and Irving, as that is what it really is. It’s about outside groups trying to influence another by threat of violence.

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