Posted by: secretperson | November 25, 2007

Is the Only Way Down for Brown?

With all the fallout from Northern Rock and the loss of nearly half the populations personal details, things aren’t looking good for the government. Now both could have been played down. Northern Rock are a private company, and the lost disks seem to have been the fault of a junior official. However what is really noticeable is the media mood.

Following on from the election that wasn’t, Brown and co have been on the wrong side of the media. Scandals that would have died down under Blair, are seem as something really significant. The Telegraph has this is its leaders and this in its online opinions, neither positive. Even The Guardian has a damning report on Brown’s lack of competence as does TheTimes . The Independent leads its website with a three parter entitled ‘Government in Crisis’!

Every story that comes out further damages the credibility of the Brown administration. They are really adding up to a genuine lack of confidence. The question is, will this continue, in a downwards slope towards inevitable election loss? A similar mood did for John Major, but it maybe too early to rule out Brown. Don’t forget there may be more than two years till an election, which gives plenty of time for the Tories to mess up. The election would have been Brown’s to lose a month ago, but it may be Cameron’s to lose in the future.

One criticism, which I completely agree with, is that Brown’s ego and insecurity has lead to a cabinet devoid of big names. This means there is no obvious replacement for (read threat to) Brown. It could threaten him more long term because looking at the front benches, a lign up including Hague and Davis looks a lot better than Milliband and Balls. Restricted to 7 minutes speaking for all except Gordon at the Labour conference, the Stalinist accusations look truer than ever. Almost all the cabinet seem to be his former political advisors. When they mess up, the blame falls at the feet of Brown.

Now it has been pointed out that there is no split, like in the Tories over Europe, but former Blairites may be out to get Brown. Hopefully with los confidence in their leader, the backbenchers may be willing to rebel more. Let’s hope so, because we still have the chance to stop the EU constitution and ID cards. If these can be stopped before the next election I will be very happy.

These new scandals grabbing the headlines may be exaggerated, but there is a list of genuine complaints. Cheap sale of gold, raiding private pension funds, general top down big state politics, the dreadful treatment of the armed forces, incompetent handling of immigration both legal and illegal and the lack of respect for democracy exemplified by the EU constitution. I really hope for Brown, the only way left is down.



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