Posted by: secretperson | November 21, 2007

Damn it!

I was hoping to start off this blog with some deep political comments (coming soon, honest) but I think as the theme is an English blog, a football comment wouldn’t be out of the question. AAAhhhh England lose 3-2 to Croatia and drop out of the European Championship qualifying. At the last hurdle. Typical. We only played when losing 2-0, equalised, then lost any intiaitive we might have gained and sat back letting them attack. Dissapointing, as a proud Englishman. The players don’t seem so proud representing their country so as to fight to the death for it. Ah well, there’s more important things, but I am a football fan, and as it seems one of the few authorised expressions of English pride I should embrace it.

I expect Steve McClaren will be leaving, who next? There are no stand out English candidates. I think managers as well as players should have the nationality rules, but they don’t, so we should go for the best as everyone else will. I think Jose Mourinho is a good bet. Experience in English football over the last few years, good tactics designed to win, seems to inspire the players and certainly will have the respect of the squad. Just hope he gets on better with the FA than he did with Abramovich. Maybe Stuart Pierce as assistant providing English enthusiasm and patriotism that will also be needed. I wanna see the players belting out the anthem with the pride I do as a mere fan, and work like they know what it means to ordinary people accross the nation, and recognise the privilege they have representing our great country.

Anyway, football rant over (I have only just returned from the pub!).More serious issues to follow I hope.


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